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Virtual Lecture: Basics of electricity and electrical hazards.

Multiple Choice Questions before lecture to assess previous knowledge.

Module 2: NFPA 70E and OSHA Standards

Webinar: Detailed overview of standards and regulations.

bet365 live casino Discussion Forum: Share experiences and interpretations of the standards.

Module 3: Risk Assessment Procedures

Interactive Presentation: Steps for conducting risk assessments.

Multiple questions about an specific case study to evaluate hypothetical risk scenarios.

Module 4: Establishing Electrically Safe Work Conditions

Video Demonstration: LOTO procedures and safety measures.

Multiple choice questions about Safety measures


Module 5: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

3D Models bet365 Games Play Casino Slots and Videos: Demonstrate PPE selection and usage.

Quiz: Test knowledge on PPE standards and applications.

Module 6: Safe Work Practices

Case Studies: Interactive review of safe work practices near energized parts.

Group Discussion: Best practices and emergency response strategies.

Module 7: Tools and Equipment Safety

Online Workshop: Inspection, use, and maintenance of electrical tools.

Simulation: Virtual simulations for grounding and using GFCIs.

Module 8: Review, Exam, and Feedback

Review Session: Key takeaways from the course.

Online Certification Exam: Comprehensive test covering all topics.


Comprehensive Assessment: An extensive set of questions covering all course material, including situational judgment tests and comprehensive multiple-choice questions.

Certification: Certificate upon passing the final exam.

Retake Opportunities: If learners get the answers wrong, they will be redirected to the course content to review before retaking the exam.

Access to webinar and course materials: 1 Year