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Pioneer Power Group was contracted to perform an arc flash study and to provide arc flash labels showing relevant incident energies. The customer had specific, unusual requirements for the layout, bet365 live casino text, and colors on their arc flash labels. Over the course of several projects for this customer, we modified the labels to match what was required for their specific purposes.


The customer was vague about the precise labeling requirements and how the label contents should be displayed. Rather than have a physical sample to identify label requirements, the customer provided verbal details which left room for misinterpretation. In addition, the customer’s labeling standard changed over the course of the project, further complicating clarity on deliverables.

Due to the customers’ atypical labeling requirements, normal labeling standards did not apply. The client required additional information that is typically not included in standard labeling bet365 Games Play Casino Slots practices. This created a challenge in terms of exporting the information from the study and presenting it appropriately on a custom-made label.

Throughout this process, Pioneer Power Group also had to ensure that procedures adhered to NFPA 70E, ANSI Z535.4, and OSHA requirements for arc flash labeling and that the customer-specific changes did not interfere with the validity of the labels.

Our Solution

To address the potential for miscommunication, Pioneer Power Group requested old sample labels from a report that the customer had previously approved. Our team also requested a copy of the customer’s label specifications to ensure that new labels would be compliant. By requesting physical samples our team was able to avoid miscommunication and properly edit the standard labels bet365 casino real money games to meet the customer’s specific requirements. By creating a custom draft sample, the customer was in a better position to request some final modifications which were easy to implement. Having completed several projects for this customer to date, Pioneer Power Group adjusted normal operating procedures and tools to produce these custom labels more efficiently.


Despite the unusual nature of the labeling requests Pioneer Power Group worked with the client to establish clear lines of communication thereby ensuring custom labeling needs were met. All parties involved were keenly aware of the challenge that custom labeling can present since NFPA 70E, ANSI Z535.4, and OSHA requirements place limitations on allowable modifications. By encouraging bet365 casino games open dialogue, creating physical draft labels, and being proactive in identifying potential areas of miscommunication, Pioneer Power Group was able to meet all the customers’ unique needs while still ensuring compliance with regulatory norms. A working template was created, which will simplify future arc flash labeling projects for this customer.

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