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Pioneer Power Group was contracted to perform a coordination study for an industrial facility. The one-line diagrams of the distribution system contained both new and existing medium and low bet365 Games Play Casino Slots voltage equipment. The initial scope of work outlined in the specifications created by the Design Engineer required that both new and existing equipment be included in the study.


For this project, a data request for all new and existing equipment was provided, but the contractor had difficulties accessing the existing medium voltage information. The contractor expressed concerns about his ability to gather this data safely which put completion of the study and ultimately the entire project in jeopardy.

Our Solution

Pioneer Power Group’s study engineer was actively in communication with the contractor through this process. In an effort to assist the contractor, the study engineer determined that it would be helpful to access any pre-existing bet365 casino games site data to support the current project. Furthermore, the engineer requested a clarification on the scope and end goal of the study. After real time discussions with the distributor, contractor, and end-user, Pioneer Power Group discovered that the purpose of the study was only to evaluate new equipment. As a result, the scope of work was able to be reduced significantly.

The study engineer immediately revised the data request forms to meet the new scope of work and provided these to the contractor. This eliminated the frustrations and safety concerns regarding the difficult to access medium voltage equipment. Additionally, Pioneer Power also notified our customer of a reduction in the study price to reflect the reduced scope bet365 Games Play Casino Slots of work more accurately.


Overall, a threefold benefit resulted from the Pioneer Power Group’s diligence in questioning the scope of work: cost reduction for the customer, diminished strain on the contractor, and faster lead time on the end study. The creative, collaborative problem solving shown by our study engineers is the Pioneer Power Group difference!

Upon project initiation Pioneer Power Group creates a custom Data Request Form specific to the project in question. This form highlights every piece of data that is required for the study, thereby making it easy for those gathering the information to understand what is needed. The team at Pioneer Power Group reviews every study specification in detail, to ensure that our customers are complying bet365 online games with project requirements. Where there are contradictions or deviations, our team will proactively contact the customer to inform them before the project starts. A dedicated engineer is tasked with assisting all project stakeholders in real time, thereby preventing costly delays.

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