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Since the start of the bet365 casino real money games COVID-19 pandemic, millions of American businesses, families, organizations, and individuals have been forced to adapt to unprecedented times. The most vulnerable and marginalized have had to endure unforeseen circumstances this year without the comfort of a safety net. Our team has recognized this need throughout the pandemic and stepped up to donate ten meals to local food banks for every study we conduct.

Shreedhar Shah, CEO of bet365 Games Play Casino Slots Pioneer Power Group, announced, “We must give back to the communities we serve, as we can make an impact as a business to improve the lives of others and do things for the greater good of these local markets we are in. Going forward, bet365 live casino Pioneer Power Group will donate ten meals for every study we complete to food banks in the communities we do business in.”

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Our projects and studies are designed to ensure safety compliance that OSHA, NFPA 70E, IEEE, and NEC stipulate. With workplace safety at the core of our mission, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has forced our company to recognize that people are living through the most significant disruption of labor since the Great Depression. The unemployment rate and general insecurity have put the onus on community resources, such as food banks, to provide the necessary support to people struggling with reduced income, disability, and bet365 casino games lingering COVID-19 side effects.

This initiative was realized at the onset of the pandemic. However, the need for food security is not unique to it, which is why we will continue to donate meals to local food banks on an ongoing basis. Our company has committed to providing the necessary volunteer work, mentorship, and opportunities to give back to our community.

The pandemic has taught us to rely on our core values and do what is necessary to support the people around us. At bet365 Games Play Casino Slots Pioneer Power Group, we believe that giving back is an often-overlooked facet of doing business.

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